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About Seven
Lotus Seven was designed by Colin Chapman as a combined race and sports car. During the Lotus era, the Seven was produced in four series where the fourth, in way of design and appearance, differed from the original. Engines from Ford, BMC, and Coventry Climax were used.

After the introduction in 1957 approx. 3000 cars were build before Graham Nearn acquired the manufacturing rights where after the car is called Caterham Seven. After a short time the series III was reintroduced. The Caterham Seven is sold both as a component car and a ready-built car.

More about: Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Caterham

After a 34 year long break it is again, as per 29th of April 2009, possible to import and register new factory built Sevens in Sweden without too much hassle. Other ways of acquiring a Seven in Sweden is to:
  • Buy a pre-owned car
  • Build on eas a "amateur built" vehicle

Read more about how to acquire a Seven in Sweden here.
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