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Acquire a Seven
A lot of people contact us and asks how to acquire a Seven in Sweden. Unfortunally (or rather luckily!) there are only about 110 known Sevens in Sweden, and very few of these change owners. Anyway, every now and then it happens, and usually the club members know about the cars that are for sale.

Regarding prices it is hard to give a specific answer. Today the prices are something like SEK 75 000 to 100 000 for a "restoration object" and no less than SEK 230 000 for a car in mint condition.

Quite a few are considering importing a Seven and it is very hard to explain all the details about prices, customs, taxes, rules and regulations etcetera on a page like this. However, the main problem is probably to find a car abroad at a reasonable price.

Buy or build a new Seven
Gunnar Berglind in Anderstorp +46 37 11 65 46, imports new Sevens and he knows all the issues concerning import. Through Gunnar you can order most of the spare parts, since he has the agency for Caterham Car Sales.
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